Matched betting is a huge industry right now. Money is tight, people are losing jobs and getting pay cuts regularly. People want to earn extra money. One of the best ways to do this is through matched betting. This is the process of gaming bookie offers to make a guaranteed profit. For example betting on a football match and covering all the possibilities so that you cannot lose. Then you are rewarded by the bookie with a free bet. You use the free bet to make a guaranteed profit. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

Because of this popularity and peoples wariness there are a number of businesses that have popped up to help people make money from this industry. One such industry is Oddsmonkey Review.

They offer a great service for £15 a month that enables the user to quickly learn and put their skills into practice to earn money. Finding the free bets is difficult so you should use a matched betting Blog or similar.

You don’t need to have gambled before to be able to do this but it does help in the learning process. Although to be honest the guides are so clear and precise that you can get away with being a complete beginner and go into it blind.

Many people are put off by the maths involved but the calculators and software on offer is so concise and readily available you don’t need any maths skills at all. The monthly subscription fee will more than pay for itself. You should be able to make anywhere between £500 and £1500 every single month. Not a bad return on investment.

Anyway I have talked enough. Check out the links I posted above to learn more about this industry and to see how it could benefit you and your family.

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